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How can your business benefit from email marketing?

To be successful, email marketing, like any other form of marketing, needs to be maintained and allowed to grow and evolve. However, the long and short term benefits of email marketing as opposed to traditional marketing are readily measurable.

Conventional print marketing campaigns can be expensive, heavy on consumables and potentially ineffective in terms of results and value for money, not to mention the lack of real time reporting. The advent of email marketing has opened the door for all levels of businesses online to reach their customers in a high performing medium that doesn’t cost the earth.

However, all forms of marketing require cogent strategy to make them work. The basics of successful email marketing are fairly straightforward:

  • collect data
  • identify your target audience
  • brand your company logo and products
  • and thus engage your customers

Email marketing diagram

Flashfx Email Marketing Services

As an integral part of our marketing services, we will analyse your target market and work with you to develop an appropriate marketing strategy for each campaign. Once we have established this, we can move on to the campaign itself. We believe in vibrant, dynamic visuals combined with precise textual content; clear branding, friendly personalisation and an elegant, balanced layout.

All of these factors skilfully incorporated will result in a highly effective email marketing campaign which will be highly appealing to your potential clients pre-identified as being most likely to respond.

An email campaign is only half the battle; without detailed statistics how can you track the results? We will provide you with access to a range of highly detailed reports to enable you see the results as they arrive in real time, with a full integration into Google Analytics. You can view the big picture or zoom into the nuts and bolts to see who did what and when. Each user can be linked to a history of previous campaigns he opened, viewed or clicked on to enable you to build up very precise information on each of your customers. Our reports also provide you with the functionality to spot trends by comparing campaigns so you can see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Contact us for a tailored email marketing solution to promote your business on the internet.

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