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What is Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO is an online marketing service which targets many aspects of a website in order to improve the web site's relevance for both searchers and search engines. Simply put, a website that has been professionally optimised is more likely to rank highly in the search results of a specific key phrase. As a rule, the higher a site ranks, the more users will visit it and the more users that visit it, the higher a site ranks!

Why is Search Engine Optimisation a critical factor to the success of your business online?
The internet is proving to be the fastest growing medium for sales and advertising, regardless of the general economic climate. According to figures released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), online advertising is now the most measurable and cost-effective method for you to reach your clients. It is therefore vital that your website not only looks good, is easy to navigate and has well-constructed interactive functionality, but most importantly; it must be seen by your potential clients.

There are currently over 182 million websites on the internet and this figure is growing every day. It is also widely recognised that the majority of users choose Google as their search engine. As at the end of June 2008, in Australia alone Google's market share reached 87% and continues to grow at a rate of 1 - 1.5% per month.

Bearing all this in mind, we believe it makes good business sense to target a high search engine ranking in Google Australia for your business.

How does a search engine work?

How a search engine works

Organic listing vs paid per click advertising

An organic listing for a website is the natural ranking attained in a search engine as a result of the site being relevant and important. 87% of all clicks are organic - in other words, 7 out of 8 users will click on a natural link rather than an advertised link. These users have deliberately searched for a service or product that your business provides, and as such are regarded as qualified visitors. A qualified visitor is much more likely to convert clicks into sales.

We believe that working to improve your organic listing is a more cost effective, long term solution to encourage visitors to your site and ultimately to improve sales.

Naturally, every site would prefer to be listed first in Google Australia's organic results for their key search phrases. However with over 200 algorithms governing the search results which are constantly being shuffled in order of priority, there is a lot of movement in the website rankings. Securing and maintaining a top 10 ranking in the midst of this perpetual activity is what we aim to achieve for your business online.

The only way to assure this is to target each element of the SEO process with equal emphasis. Think of search engine optimisation as a recipe where each ingredient works in combination with the others to bring about the desired result. Good SEO is a combination of technical skills, copy writing, business sense, sales techniques and a love of puzzle solving.

Our professional SEO services can improve your website ranking and direct qualified visitors to your business online.

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