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Custom online application development

At Flashfx we enjoy providing our clients with a complete turnkey service in the development and build of highly customised online applications.

This service begins with the detailed scoping of the logical and functional requirements of the application. Once these have been completely mapped out and understood, we move into the development stage. Each module is built, developed and thoroughly tested before moving into final production and live user testing. Only when we are completely satisfied that your application is ready for your clients to use, do we make it live.

Our CMS EnterpriseFX is a great example of this process as it is the culmination of many years of custom building Content Management Systems to clients’ specific requirements.

There are many types of services we can offer your business to streamline data entry such as tailored data transfer and data synchronisation modules to enable information to be shared amongst separate databases. This type of module has been applied to several of our clients’ websites and applications and has provided them with a seamless, automated process. For example, the integration of an internal product database with the website database, so updates only happen 'in house', this process also includes the automation of product image uploads.

We have also developed a number of online training and maintenance programs for our clients These applications support both trainees and fellows of the college who work in a very demanding specialist field and who require a fast, easy to use online application.

Overall, our business has evolved to support the growing need of businesses for complex yet transparent, highly customised online applications to make their working lives easier. Our proven success in this field is due to our dedicated team, solid documentation process, the application of a standard Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and our professional and consistent service.

Custom applications we have developed include:

  • data synchronisation modules
  • survey systems
  • financial calculators
  • training programs
  • maintenance programs
  • highly detailed advanced property search modules
  • url remapping
  • interactive reporting systems

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