Welcome to Flashfx Multimedia & Design

Ongoing support & maintenance

As an integral part of our dedicated service, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to all our clients.

For our clients with web sites managed by EnterpriseFX CMS (Content Management System), we have designed a clear and easy to follow online manual to guide you through any problems step-by-step. You can reference this from anywhere within the CMS and you have unlimited access whenever you need it.

For any queries or concerns that our manual doesn't cover, you can log issues directly to us via email. We will usually respond to your requests within 24 hours during the working week.

We also strongly recommend that you take advantage of our priority Service Level Agreement, which can be pre-arranged for any number of hours per month. Our SLA guarantees that any issues you may have will be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Rest assured whatever your particular query or issue may be, we are here to support you and to render a solution with the minimum of fuss.

Future Proofing

At Flashfx, our key focus has always been usability, hence our tagline “The User Experience”. With good usability comes flexibility, and flexibility supports future growth and expansion. The same goes for our Content Management System products. We’ve designed them to withstand a virtual pounding, while still maintaining the original integrity that your web site started with.

Our online applications are built with the same intent to ensure that any future updates or amendments can be implemented with relative ease.

Therefore in four years time, when your competitors are looking for a new web design company, you’ll only be looking at changing your logo.

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