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Our green policy

At Flashfx we are committed to running a ‘green’ web development business. Being a web design company we are fortunate that our use of consumables is naturally kept to a minimum.

We believe in turning all our workstations and lighting off at night, recycling our printer cartridges and using recycled paper in our printers. Speaking of which, printing documents is frowned upon by the team. Likewise with air travel, all flights include a carbon offset purchase. Often we enjoy walking to work; otherwise we car pool, further reducing our carbon footprint.

We almost always buy locally and enjoy supporting other businesses in town for our day to day requirements. Our daily coffee intake is satisfied by free trade organic beans and our sweet tooth is appeased by home made local muffins and sugar dealers.

All our office waste is divided and recycled where possible. In fact it’s not unusual to find fruit peel from staff lunches making its way into the director’s compost bin!

In terms of our products and services, we offer an effective and eco friendly email marketing package to help our clients reduce their use of traditional paper advertising. Also under our custom online work for example; we have created a web application for one of our clients to transfer what was once a lengthy and time consuming paper submission process into a low impact, slick, user friendly online submission.

Overall, our company’s green philosophy aligns firmly in finding practical, eco-friendly solutions that we can apply to our every day living and working environment.

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