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CMS Case Studies

Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd

Implement a multi site Content Management System to integrate all Inghams’ websites and manage product data transfer between Inghams internal systems and their various websites.

In 2004, we were engaged to create eleven new sites for Inghams for their Australian and New Zealand online representations, www.inghams.com.au and www.inghams.co.nz. All of these sites are managed with EnterpriseFX CMS through one central interface.

Inghams are a large corporation with a number of websites each managed by individual departments. One of our CMS’ many practical features is fine grained document and content authoring control. This functionality controls the access rights of each staff member, ranging from total site editing rights to individual page editing and even specific content items within a page. In addition, this feature incorporates an approval workflow process which requires permission to be granted from site managers. Not only does this make it easy to keep track of who is doing what, but this process provides security when monitoring site maintenance and updates.

One of the key elements to the project was the introduction by us of a product data transfer module. This module manages the transfer of product information flagged for the internet from Inghams’ existing internal software system to the website. Inghams’ staff manage all their product data in one place; the rest of the process is seamlessly automated, including product images.

In addition, our CMS supports Club Ingham Australia and Club Ingham New Zealand; two customer loyalty and recipe clubs, which currently run in excess of 10,000 members. Inghams are able to download their customer data from the online database into an excel sheet via a simple tool in the manage section of the CMS. The data can then be easily interrogated to manage email marketing campaigns and the like.

Western Corridor Recycled Water Project – a Queensland Government project

An easy to manage CMS which allowed for fast content update and extensive growth throughout the site. These updates to be managed entirely by the clients administration staff. Regular communication between the database and clients, staff and project managers also to be managed through the CMS.

In 2006 we completed a site for the Western Corridor Recycled Water Project, which came into being as a result of a drought relief initiative by the Queensland Government. The website showcases what is the largest recycling water scheme in Australia, and the largest project of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

The brief required a CMS which enabled fast and easy self-management of content, was scalable to cover future growth of the site, and which allowed for regular communication with the database in the form of emails, forms, and a newsletter. The site design, implementation of Enterprisefx CMS and entire site build was completed in less than three weeks.

Since going live, the website has evolved and substantially grown in terms of pages, content, and media. Additional functionality such as click through maps highlighting the pipeline routes as they become active, countdown timers and project update progress bars have been built into the CMS framework.

Following a basic one hour training session with the project’s administration officer, all the content and media is now managed by her and her team, which is a testament to the usability of our application .

FKP Property Group

Redesign and develop existing websites to enable the user to find information within a few clicks. The incorporation of interactive maps, featured property sections and advanced search features to improve the overall navigation and user experience.

FKP’s primary corporate web site www.fkp.com.au required a fairly extensive overhaul from its original design completed several years previously. The site hierarchy required restructuring to showcase the growth of various development and investment divisions as well as to highlight its corporate services.

The original website was managed by a previous version of our CMS. We installed the latest version and implemented a number of new modules including two interactive maps; one of which included a show/hide drop down menu. Utilising AJAX technology, all user interaction takes place within the page which does not require reloading, thereby enabling a fast, clean experience for the end user.

The comprehensive property portfolio which also has the option to appear in the Featured Property and Latest News sections is managed through one data list in the manage section of the CMS.

We also redeveloped FKP’s retirement website Aveo Live Well. This website also required the user of interactive maps as well as a highly complex and intuitive advanced search feature. The user experience is further enhanced by clear navigation, partly pre-filled enquiry form fields based on the village previewed and a customised Quick Property Search feature. In addition the marketing department is able to track the submission of forms through the data download section of the CMS.

All property media, attributes, featured village links, contact details and textual content is managed through one datalist. This function enables FKP’s administrative staff to easily update and manage the core functionality and main purpose of the site – to advertise and sell retirement homes.

Both of these website have also highly benefited from the implementation of our URL remapping module. This module displays search engine friendly URL’s, within the existing CMS framework, thereby enhancing the potential for a high ranking within the various search engine results.

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