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Content Management System

A Content Management System or CMS is a web management tool that allows you to create, manage and publish web pages and content to your web site. Regardless of whether you own a small online business or manage the web site(s) of a large corporation, a great content management system is not only an invaluable asset but an essential requirement.

The implementation of a CMS based website gives you the freedom and flexibility to update your content and media within minutes. A cleverly designed content management system, such as EnterpriseFX enables you to create highly detailed content and pages with ease and simplicity. All the hard work is taken care of in the software and design templates, which makes updating your site a point of pleasure rather than a painful experience.

The business benefits of a Content Management System
There are a number of specific advantages with implementing a CMS to help you manage your site. These include:

  • Greater flexibility and control of your site
  • A speedy turnaround of updates to your content, media and site structure
  • A considerable decrease in maintenance costs
  • Greater site security
  • Staying in touch with your online business representation and therefore regular communication with your clients
  • Keeping track of your customer database to improve your sales

For large business organisations, having a multi site CMS often required multiple administrators. Managing this through a hierarchy of website managers, content authors and editors is a must. A well organised workflow approval process with fine grained permissions ensures that only authorised content editors have access to sensitive content.

In addition, controlling security access through a password protected login and multi role / multi user operations protects your business, and guards against irregular material being displayed on your site.

A flexible Content Management System should facilitate a seamless integration with various modules such as secure login and membership, eCommerce, online survey and contact forms and URL remapping to name a few. As your business evolves, so will your website requirements.

Could your business use a cost-effective, state-of-the-art, user friendly Content Management Solution that will have you managing your site within minutes?

Introducing EnterpriseFX CMS; possibly the first Content Management System that is inspiring to use.

Contact us for a CMS that is inspiring to use
Contact us for a Content Management System that is inspiring to use.


".....Flash FX were able to translate my corporate requirements to deliver a cutting-edge system that is extremely effective yet so simple to use....."
FKP Property Group

"....The CMS flexibility and usability is really appreciated by our team...."
Alexander Brands

".....We required a state of the art CMS to manage all 11 of our sites......"
Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd

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