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Clients using our Content Management System

Our client portfolio pages showcase the scope and diversity of web sites developed and built by Flashfx and managed by the EnterpriseFX Content Management System.

Many of our clients use our Content Management System to manage multiple sites within the same company. Naturally this provides consistency and uniformity for their administration staff, but it also enables the cross-development of custom features to be shared across the sites at a fraction of the cost per site. This is clearly demostrated within the Inghams websites group where shared functions such as the products data synchcronisation module and search feature suggestion tool are shared across many sites.

Our clients come from a wide selection of industries ranging from property development to stationary supplies; horse stud farms to medical training and development; food service and production to water recycling. Each distinct industry brings its own challenges to online development and website presentation; all of which our content management system has handled with ease.

Our customer portfolio has been categorised to display a few examples of our work with individual clients, those with multi-site applications or those with eCommerce websites. We have also listed websites that feature earlier customised incarnations of our current CMS, EnterpriseFX. We invite you to review these sites at your leisure.

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