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Our Company

Flashfx Pty Ltd is an established software design and development company with near 15 years successful trading history; our sustainable competitive advantage is to provide the best IT solutions at an optimal cost; we have a strong reputation for quality services and have won a number of industry awards over the years. We have invested heavily in Cloud computing and become skilled in Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. Our business has grown steadily and we have become partner to a list of high profile businesses.

Our Products

Cloud solutions covering the following areas
· Health & Education Software
· Accounting & Billing Software
· Asset Management Software
· Human Resource Management Software
· Project Management Software
· Commercial Website
· eCommerce Website
· Intranet Collaboration Platforms

All our products incorporate the state of the art business intelligence (BI) reporting.

Our Methodology

We conduct a comprehensive study of your current systems, which culminates in a proposal that incorporates a five year road map for the maintenance and upgrade of your IT infrastructure to use the best Cloud technology as suitable to your organization. We follow Enterprise Solution Framework Process Model adopted from Microsoft, which is a phase-based, milestone-driven, and iterative model that maximizes our success of enterprise projects.

How We Can Help

If you are expanding into the international market and in particular, to Australia, we can provide you with a start-up IT infrastructure package tailored to cover your offices globally.

Our cutting-edge IT solutions empower you to optimize workplace efficiency, improve user experience, and create insights to your data thus enabling the discovery of new products, leading to the generation of new sources of revenue.

Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business

Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy - Maximising the Value of Cloud

Latest News

AER Media Release

Proposal of Office 365 Education to Primary & Secondary Schools and Institutions Provide Higher Education

Collaborative learning now open for everyone!

Office 365 Education

Fast Track

Collaborate with Office Online

Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. Share them with others and work together at the same time. Get started now! See all Office options

If you are confident that Office 365 will suit all your future IT needs, call us now for a detailed implementation plan. Remember, integration is the key to success! Or, contact us today to discuss your IT requirements.

Learn more on Office 365 and SharePoint Online Implementation and Customization

Why the cloud makes sense for business

Office 365 offers a seamless cloud-based experience. Not only can you count on 99.9 percent uptime and a finaically backed SLA, but you'll also get regular updates that you can control. So, your IT can focus on strategic initiatives that make money rather than troubleshooting costly hiccups. Built-in flexibility means you can scale swiftly to meet business challenges. And, you've got the freedom to mix on-premises and off-premises solutions.

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