tianWEB is a cloud based intranet for organizations or families. The time is ripe for families and organizations to embrace the cloud. Currently applications that provide this access come at a high financial and learning cost. tianWEB aims to make a difference by driving down cost and the learning required to start using the cloud. As such, in a climate where keeping cost down has become the cry of governments on a global scale, this product if given the attention of a winner can be of great service to Australia and the World.


Staff Working Site


tianWEB provides each staff member their own working site that is hosted in the cloud, which allows anytime, anywhere access and has its own security set up.

Manage your tasks, events & store your files in one place, never worry about running out of storage or losing files again.


Family / Family Member Site


tianWEB provides family site as a common place for all family members to hang out; whereas each family member has their own personal site that is hosted in the cloud, which allows anytime, anywhere access and has its own security set up. 

Manage family reunions, weddings, birthday parties and store your personal treasures such as photos, movies and much more in one place, say goodbye to storage or security issues.


Team Site


tianWEB provides team or department site for team members to share and collaborate. It is hosted in the cloud that allows anytime, anywhere access and has its own security set up. 

Manage team tasks, share documents & expertise, and collaborate on projects.

Team work is made so easy.

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