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At Flashfx we're pretty passionate about all things online. Our individual team members all have specific areas of interest that are often the subject of theories, debates and potential future inventions! Given our joint verbosity, we thought it would be a great idea to publish a monthly newsletter and email it to our customers. Whether or not they enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them could pose the subject for a debate in itself. Suffice to say it doesn't hurt to exercise our copy writing muscles; and so here for your (hopeful) reading pleasure are links to our past articles in all their glory!

XMAS 2013 FFX newsletter

December 2013 FFX newsletter

Seasons Greetings from Flashfx.

Febuary 2013 FFX newsletter

Febuary 2013 FFX newsletter

Agile World
Office 365 – Taking eminence to the next level
Design and the shifting Web

December 2012 FFX newsletter

December 2012 FFX newsletter

Seasons Greetings from Flashfx.

December 2011 FFX newsletter

December 2011 FFX newsletter

Seasons Greetings from Flashfx.

April 2010 Flashfx Newsletter

April 2010 Flashfx Newsletter

Realtime versus Online – The Converging of Realities;
A Website for All Seasons;
Mobile Internet;
Flash for Rich Web Based Applications

March 2010 FFX newsletter

March 2010 Flashfx Newsletter

The Power of the Internet;
Australia - A Nation of Online Surfers;
Advertising, Web Widgets & Mobile Web;
CSS 3 - Our Saviour

How to make a killer presentation by James Whittaker

Rule #1: Come out swinging

The only time people will ever give you their attention – where you don’t have to earn it, they just give it to you – is the first 30 seconds of a presentation.

Rule #1.5 Attention span interlude

Every six minutes, include something of high interest. That’s the length of the average human attention span.

Rule #2: Know your sh$t

People connect with speakers who have passion – who are really in love with their subject. You inherit some of that love from them.

Rule #3: Make it epic

Albert Einstein said, ‘Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.’ Quote powerful people. You can assume some of the power of those you quote.

Rule #4 Be brief, be bright, be gone

Avoid long and tiresome summaries.

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