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Our professional SEO services deliver a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation package in which we consider every aspect of your web site. We understand that for the search engines, content is king. However we also believe that with a little forethought and care, your website design and functionality can work hand in hand with the level of textual content required for the successful optimisation of your site. As such, we work to achieve a harmony between all these elements to ensure that not only is your website is ranking well, but your clients will also enjoy a good experience as they browse through it.

Our results speak for themselves - we have succesfully attained a top 10 ranking in Google Australia for each of our SEO clients.

So what's our SEO process?

The process of optimising a web site for the search engines requires a logical, disiplined approach. It's not rocket science, just tested and proven methodology.

Research & Analysis
The first step is to research those all-important key phrases that will form the crux of your content optimisation. Selecting the right key phrases for your site will be the deciding factor as to how many clients will find you when they search for a business offering your products or services online.

Once we have nailed the key phrases, we move into a detailed analysis of your web site and your competitors' web sites to ascertain how well your business is ranking by comparison, and where improvements can be made. Our state-of-the-art analytical software enables us to examine every aspect of a web page, down to the smallest detail. From this wealth of information we can determine exactly how to proceed with the optimisation of content, titles and tags. Our findings and recommendations are then presented to you in an easy to understand detailed report.

Repair & Submit
The next step is to 'repair' your website by utilising the approved key phrases throughout the textual content, titles and tags of each page of your site. Here's where our copy writing skills come to the fore. We need to achieve a delicate balance of presenting content that is interesting to read for the user, and that is deemed relevant and expert by the search engines so that the site ranks well. Essentially what this means is that there must be a certain number of words on each page, and that those words must include key phrases at the correct density and distribution. Search engine optimisation may not be rocket science, but it does require a wide range of skills for it to be effective.

When we have completed the optimisation process, your site is given a thorough overview to ensure the balance of design, structure, usability and optimisation is at its optimum. Provided you're happy with our work, your site pages are then submitted to the relevant search engines for indexing and subseqent ranking.

Incidentally your web site ranking will be noted prior to the site optimisation and will be constantly checked over the next few weeks.

Monitor & Report
Once the initial optimisation work has been completed; we will continue to monitor your website’s position on a regular basis and will provide reports on our findings. We highly recommend our ongoing SEO maintenance service as the search engine ranking results can change from day to day and week to week. Regular updates of your textual content, the addition of new images and videos, revision of your outgoing and incoming links; all these changes will encourage the search engines to come back and reindex you on a regular basis.

If your competition is any good, it will be doing the same and constantly working to reclaim its position. A little forward planning on a regular basis is all you need to stay ahead of the pack.

SEO Ethics
We follow a strict SEO code of ethics to ensure that we comply with Google Webmaster’s basic principles for quality guidelines. We choose to practice safe SEO in a way that maintains an appropriate balance of priority between user groups, our clients and the search engines. Read more about our SEO ethics and principles.

That sounds good, but does it work?

We hear you wondering that although our methods sound good in principle, do we have any proven results to show you? Naturally we practice what we preach and since our own site's redesign and re-optimisation earlier this year, our web site traffic had almost doubled in just under 6 months.

We also completed a number of case studies on previous SEO services performed on a range of property development sites in 2008. The results have been documented as shown in our SEO case studies section.

Certified SEO Toolset analyst
Our SEO analyst has been certified with Bruce Clay's SEOToolSet. Bruce Clay is an internationally recognised SEO industry leader.
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