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An Intranet Solution for your Business

What is an Intranet?

Essentially, an Intranet is a private, internal internet to enable communications within a company or organisation. It can organise and store data for individual departments and provides a secure login for its users that is not accessible by the general public. It can also enable collaboration between various employees, build a corporate culture and streamline internal communication processes.

Introducing the EnterpriseFX Intranet Package

In 2009 we completed development of an Intranet solution based on our CMS, EnterpriseFX. Incorporating a full integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory, the Intranet package utilises Active Directory user groups to assign security to areas such as login access, read, author and admin roles. Fine grained control can be applied to whole pages or finely filtered down to individual content items as required, ensuring maximum flexibility and high end user friendly application.

Multi-site capable

As with our CMS, the Intranet package is multi-site capable. If your company consists of numerous departments which all require their own 'website' within the Intranet as well as individual levels of access rights, our package provides unlimited coverage. The Intranet also boasts a highly refined site search feature which will search through all sites in the project and filter results according to the user's pre-assigned access rights. This feature has proved to be highly valuable as it ensures the integrity of information stored within the Intranet.

For an efficient, user-friendly Intranet solution tailored to your requirements that works exactly as you want it to, contact us today.

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